Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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DABing for Strength Print  Minimize

A 2-day interactive workshop with up to 20 hours off site follow-up.

How to organize what you see first requires a clear understanding of who you are as a group or organization.  The DAB assessment helps your team reflect on the Demographics/skills, Attitudes/beliefs, and Behaviors/associations of those on your team. As a result of that assessment, you will affirm your strengths and develop a plan to build on those strengths looking particularly at four areas.  These four areas are information flow, diversity of your process, the decisions that must be made to continue your success and the value for what you do have by those outside of your organization, group or network. Six tools will be introduced to help you collect and organize the information you need, assess this information, develop a logical path to enhance targeted areas and an action plan to accomplish the targeted changes.

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