Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Cultural Intuitiveness

A 1.5-day interactive workshop with up to 20 hours off site follow-up.

To be truly effective, a community system and its leaders must have the ability to hear and appreciate not only the concerns and thoughts of its members but the community it serves.  We are a composite of the culture in which we were raised as well as the culture we embrace; however many times we are less aware of the connection between "our" cultures and how we appreciate and accept the world we encounter. The workshop focuses specifically on strengthening your role in two manners.  First, participants will be introduced to the Cultural Assessment Tool© and learn how to apply this tool to strengthen the cultural intuitiveness of their organizations.  Second, participants will also work to enhance their own cultural intuitiveness and enhance their ability to hear and to be heard.  Follow up technical support focuses on application of these skills.

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