Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Community Environment

A 2.5-day interactive workshop with up to 20 hours off site follow-up.

Effective advocacy for long-term change begins with a deeper appreciation of the condiitons that drive problems of concern in your community.  This foundational understanding is multi-layered and essential to support long-term improvment in the community environment.  Participants will consider data that describes community problems, the possible causes of these problems and the populations most affected.  Participants develop a logic model that depicts how to address these causes in order to reduce the  problems effects on the community.  The effect of the economic, media, social and political conditions on the implementation of the logic model will be considered and a plan of action developed.  A further exploration of the approach may be found by clicking the “Just in Time Tips" link to your upper left.  Follow up focuses on creating an environmental advocacy plan for your community based on your reality. Follow up technical support focuses on the application of these skills.

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