Saturday, March 06, 2021

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"As a result of Cultural Intuitiveness, I am able to better connect with and listen to others and appreciate their perspective. I’m finding that it has helped reduce some barriers that I put in my own way.  Helped me be more transparent." — M.C.

"The greatest value of Cultural Intuitiveness is the power of communication and what you say… we underestimate what we as individuals can accomplish through our meaningful conversations. Practicing CI can make a vast difference in the outcome because you’re able to communicate what you want to communicate and feel good about it. You don’t have regrets.  You can be transparent and respectful in your conversation, and you feel good about it. I used to dissect what I said after I said it and struggled with it. Now I don’t. I plan what I’m going to say and in the end I can feel good about it…CI is a wonderful experience!" — L.F.

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