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"I got a new outlook [from Cultural Intuitiveness]. … I’ve built more confidence. I expect it to radiate into other areas.  People are noticing.  Friends say, ‘You look like you seem more comfortable and are taking more assertiveness with clients.’ My coworkers, supervisor and my family have all noticed." — B.D.

"I definitely see changes in others that I am practicing Cultural Intuitiveness with. People are more open, accepting, and  more direct. I experience more appreciation from others." — D.S.

"When I practice Cultural Intuitiveness with others, people tend to provide more information in return. By planning out the agenda using CI, it elicits responses because people don’t feel like you’re just trying to get through a list. People feel like I’m seeking their input." — L.F.

Just in Time Tips

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1. Characteristics of a culturally intuitive network

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 2. Indicators of group cohesion

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 3. Three keys to sustaining your outcomes

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 4. Science of prevention within environmental strategies

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