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Welcome to Community Systems

At Community Systems Investments International (CSII), we increase the successful impact of shared conversations within collaborations, coalitions and team efforts by focusing on what a team seeks to build together. CSII supports collaborators to build and strengthen their team, coordinating the skills, attitudes, and time obligations necessary to achieve their goal and to create a strong sense of shared ownership. Once the team assembles, we focus on building a foundation of mutual respect so that the team members can truly listen to each other and be heard when they speak. Cooperation based on mutual respect increases the sense of shared ownership within the team and reduces individuals' need to dominate or question the underlying purpose of the conversation, making the shared effort more fluid. Through this shared conversation with mutual respect and trust, teams can more effectively build together, fulfilling their purpose and realizing their collective vision.

About Our Approach

Positive change calls for a process that supports enhancing our human systems from the inside-out. Community Systems provides a process to help you to create long-term sustainable results.  Ready-made solutions or short-term fixes offer momentary change that dissipate over time.  Community Systems' workshops identify and build on your strengths and walk you through the process you select to fit your needs.

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